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Thank you to everyone who attended our reception Tuesday night at the Union Club in Boston! We had around 45 attendees who were treated to spectacular early evening views of the Boston Common and some thought-provoking remarks and discussion.

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A few of the highlights:

Brad emphasized that as a registered investment adviser, BPA has always been held to the highest fiduciary duty. He also highlighted that our investment approach is based on the principles of asset allocation and wide diversification utilized by large institutional money managers.

Guest speaker Ronald Altman highlighted some of the risks in the current investment landscape including overreliance on low interest rates, corporate earnings that appear to have peaked, consumer spending that could slide if the Fed is successful in raising interest rates, and problems in Europe with the banking system and the migrant crisis. He cautioned, however, that market timing is extraordinarily difficult and that you never want to be all in or all out.  He suggested dollar cost averaging when going into the market and emphasized the importance of companies with strong cash flow and increasing dividends.

Jay passed out a chart highlighting the steady upward climb of cumulative real returns in U.S. stocks, noting that anyone concerned about near-term risks can take comfort in the fact that over long periods of time investment returns from stocks have been remarkably consistent, even through the Great Depression, two world wars and the 2008 financial crisis.

Brad wrapped up by discussing the various ways BPA works with our clients, from retirement accounts (including TIAA-CREF), to college savings plans (529s), to trusts. He also noted the benefits to clients of our partnership with custodian Charles Schwab.  Schwab provides unparalleled financial strength, cutting edge technology (including smartphone apps), and a deep commitment to cybersecurity.

There was an engaging Q&A followed by some additional drinks and conversation.

Thanks again to everyone for a great event!

Brad, Jay and Katherine