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Boston Portfolio Advisers, LLC

Six Beacon Street, Suite 725, Boston, MA 02108

About Boston Portfolio Advisers, LLC

Fiduciary Responsibility

In contrast to traditional securities brokers, insurance agents and many financial planners, Boston Portfolio Advisers acts as its clients’ agent, not as a principal, which means that it owes them the highest fiduciary duty to serve their interests alone. Boston Portfolio Advisers is compensated only on the basis of the current value of client accounts, and it receives no compensation from third parties. Boston Portfolio Advisers investment decisions are unbiased, and its only goal is to build and maintain client wealth.
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As a registered investment adviser, Boston Portfolio Advisers engages in no other business than managing money for its clients. Its team has over 55 years of combined experience in the investment management business and over 20 years working together managing diversified portfolios and individual stocks. Their advanced degrees include two MBAs and a PhD.


Boston Portfolio Advisers takes the time to develop a thorough understanding of each client’s financial goals and priorities, such as buying or expanding a home, starting a business, saving for college expenses or saving for retirement. Ongoing and open communication is the foundation to a long-term relationship; Boston Portfolio Advisers reports to clients regarding individual holdings and investment portfolio performance and in return clients notify BPA as their financial goals and priorities evolve over their lifetime.

Safety and Liquidity

Boston Portfolio Advisers uses only publicly traded mutual funds, ETFs, stocks and bonds to manage client portfolios. All client assets are held by large, well-known third-party custodians to ensure security of client assets. Client portfolios are never commingled, but rather are managed separately. These safeguards provide for maximum liquidity and safety. Clients can withdraw from any of their accounts at any time without delay or charge of any kind.

Cost Sensitivity

Boston Portfolio Advisers is a fee-only investment firm. Relating management fees to investment performance and the size of the portfolio aligns our clients’ interests with ours. BPA’s fee structure has breakpoints for larger portfolios. Using investments with lower expenses is a natural by-product of our fee-only structure. For large portfolios, Boston Portfolio Advisers can manage domestic stock portfolios without additional expense.


Our Pledge to Clients

  • We will treat your portfolio at Boston Portfolio Advisers as if it were our own.
  • We will invest for the long-term by always striving to maximize returns while controlling risk.
  • We will seek to minimize your investment expenses.
  • We will not accept any payments or anything of value from third parties that might influence the investments in your portfolio.
  • We will invest our personal assets in parallel with yours.